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Ease Your Flow Yoga Triyoga Courses

Ageing is a privilege denied to so many. To be alive in this phase of life is a gift.

But if you want to thrive you need to look after the vehicle you’ve been blessed with. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

Do you notice little aches and pains that you never had before?

Would you like to feel stronger and more flexible, increasing your vitality as you age beautifully?

Have you previously practiced yoga or are you a beginner?

TriYoga is a wonderful gentle practice, which is a Hatha style of yoga.

In our Ease Your Flow courses, we practice the basics of TriYoga, perfect for beginners or for students wanting to improve your practice.

You will learn simple hip openers and beautiful wave like spinal movements that build strength and flexibility in both body and mind.

Even more than this you will learn how to match your practice with the phases of the moon guiding you to feel more energized and experience more ease and flow in your life.

There is a selection of 4,5 and 7 week courses. In person if you live in Cairns and online from other parts of the country or world

Private Classes

Yoga Retreats

Private one to one TriYoga classes are also available either in person in Cairns or online. This enables you to have classes at a time that suits you, receiving personal attention and guidance.

Yoga Retreats

HER Rejuvenate Retreat

HER Rejuvenate Retreat

As women we often spend too much time putting other people and other things first.

By midlife the competing facets of career, work, relationships and family can leave you feeling exhausted, undervalued and like you never have quality time for yourself.

Over time this leads to burnout at exactly the time when you want to live your best life and thrive!

That’s why The HER Rejuvenate Retreat has been birthed, to provide a peaceful pause for women in midlife and beyond to reconnect, rebalance and restore.

Yoga Retreat

Through our retreat spaces we provide you with the opportunity to restore your inner vitality through the practice of connection, reflection and self care activities, to leave feeling empowered and at peace.

This is the perfect place for women in midlife and beyond who feel the need to re-energise. You have realised the importance of self-care and you’re ready to create some time for yourself.

These are small intimate retreats in beautiful private properties.  It’s our intention for you to spend four revitalizing nights and days to feel empowered, rebalanced and rejuvenated.

You will begin to feel the benefits of relaxation and self-nurturing practices from day one.

Life is much too precious to live in survival mode. By this stage of life, we’ve put in the hard yards and if we don’t start acknowledging this ourselves, then no one will. It’s time to realize our own personal importance as we age; it’s only through adequate self care that we are able to continue to thrive in our 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Make this your time for you and enjoy your own peaceful pause. We look forward to sharing your journey with you.

The upcoming August retreat in Cairns Northern Beaches is already booked out.

Contact Deb to have a chat, learn more about the HER Rejuvenate Retreats and join the waitlist for the next available retreat date.