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I am looking for a fulfilling path

I am looking for

a fulfilling life path

I would like to have more energy and vitality

I would like to have

more energy and vitality

I would like to start a new business

I would like to

start a new business

Your second half of life is a time when you can step into who you really are and stand with confidence in your own power.

We’re told it’s the best time of life, when we can do what we want. But when we get here we often feel a bit lost. We know there has to be more to life, because everyone says there is.

But what if you don’t know where to start?

Have you recently had kids leave home and you’re feeling the emptiness of it?

Have you lost parents, a marriage or even lost interest in a career you once loved, and your mojo often feels non-existent?

Somewhere along the way you feel like you’ve lost that sense of self and your confidence is disappearing along with it.

Possibly you’ve had a few ideas of what you might want, but even the smallest of decisions about your life seem overwhelming or confusing.

Because you ask yourself what if it’s the wrong decision and what if it’s too late?

And you feel exhausted at the thought of even giving things a go.

I get it because I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels.

That’s why it’s my passion to help women like you to gain clarity and build the confidence to make the best decisions possible for you.

Women Reinventing MidLife provides a hub of resources, opportunities and options for women in their second half to gain a strong sense of self, build confidence and gain crystal clear clarity to create a meaningful life that you deeply desire and deserve …… Unapologetically.

Enjoy a life where you thrive and know with full certainty that you’re capable.

Whether you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond, now is your time to shine, to step into your power and create the life that YOU want.

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Deb Johnstone

Thank you Deb. I know this program has been a life changing process for me. It has given me back my self-esteem and confidence to stand up for myself, believe in myself and know I am worthy of so many things. Our journey together is not over.

Janet, Sydney Australia

I believe I have a great understanding of myself, and skills to move forward than I’ve ever had and as a result I am generally calmer. Deb and the other women in the course have given me that. I thoroughly recommend HER Rediscovery and Deb. You will not regret it.

Sue, Cairns Australia

The HER Rediscovery Program has helped me to be excited and motivated about my next stage of life. The exercises and assignments were excellent for understanding myself and finding my key strengths, values and goals. I feel known supported and even loved by a wonderful group of women even though our “formal” time together is over. An added bonus, my one on one session with Deb was one of the more powerful and moving experiences I have had in my adult life.

Lisa, Rockville USA

Where else you can connect with Deb and likeminded women transitioning and reinventing midlife?

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Deb Johnstone

About Deb Johnstone


Deb Johnstone is a professional speaker, writer, transformational coach, stylist, midlife transition mentor and yoga teacher. She is the founder of  Women Reinventing MidLife and Transformational Pathways Australia.

Deb has been through two midlife transitions herself. The first in 2012 as her kids were flying the nest and she started her own business. And the second when her dear father passed away and she hit rock bottom. You can read more about Deb’s story and background HERE


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