Earlier this month my state of vitality was feeling particularly low. I was recovering from a head cold, but my energy levels told me there was something else afoot.

That rainy Saturday morning I decided to stay in bed until early afternoon.

By the time Monday morning arrived, the sun had appeared and I had no clients until the afternoon. Instead of putting my head down in my office like I normally do, I went to the beach. Two hours of soaking up that delicious energy, I was back to myself and filled with vitality.

Once upon a time, I would have called myself lazy or felt guilty because I wasn’t doing something. And I know plenty of women, some men too for that matter that feel that same.

As a society we have latched onto the misconception that in order to be valuable we always need to be doing something. Filling our days with work, home tasks, caring for others and a multitude of other things has become the norm.

Self-care mentors teach us that we need to fill our own cup in order to give to others. And you also may have heard that when you care for yourself you have more to give to others.

This is true, but it goes far deeper than this. Boosting vitality is about much more than just going out for a walk everyday.

It’s about maintaining an energetic balance.

When we nurture both our masculine and our feminine energy we maintain vitality

Both women and men have a balance of masculine and feminine energy. It’s essential for our health that we learn how to care for both.

Closely tracking myself to the phases of the moon recently has highlighted this even more. This is because the moon also has either a masculine or energy phase too.

Embracing our masculine energy too much can lead us to burnout and ill health. Over indulging in our feminine however, also means we won’t get anything done or achieve anything.

Over catering for either leads to a feeling of imbalance. Life either becomes chaotic with a never ending to do list, or boring.

So what is meant by masculine and feminine energy?

Masculine is embracing the space of doing and feminine is the art of being.

Let me explain;

Masculine energy is task oriented

We know we are in our masculine when we are doing things. This also includes things like exercise by the way, which is vital for good health.

Giving to others is masculine energy.

I was surprised to learn this a few years ago, because I had always seen giving as nurturing others. Back then I classed nurturing as something females generally do. This is true, but when women give they are in their masculine.

So this includes doing things for the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning, working, riding a bike. Taking actions on goals and anything in our daily life that is an activity is masculine.

This isn’t a bad thing by the way; masculine energy is essential for both women and men. Doing tasks and achieving also brings vitality. It’s only a problem when we over indulge.

Feminine energy is being and feeling

Embracing our feminine means sitting in a place of being. Feminine energy is resting, meditating, sitting in nature, soaking in a bath, having a massage. Also floating in the ocean or lying in the sun receiving its powerful energy is feminine.

It’s being present in our body when we enjoy these practices instead of being in our head. Feeling into our feelings, exploring who we are and what we want brings vitality.

Practicing the art of receiving is feminine energy.

So if you are a woman who thinks you are fulfilling your female role by putting others first all the time, think on. We all have a feminine side that needs to be nurtured and that means allowing others to give to us.

The next time someone wants to do something for you, accept with open arms. Asking for help invites another person to give to you too.

Balancing both boosts vitality

Neither one is better than the other. We need to nurture both our masculine and feminine energy to maintain vitality and evolve.

Embracing the space of doing moves our life forward and helps us achieve what we want. Engaging with our feminine by allowing ourselves to BE enables us to reflect and recharge, which is essential for sustainable growth.

By allowing space for both regularly you’re never lazy and there’s nothing to feel guilty about. You’re just being balanced and boosting your vitality, that’s good for everyone including you.

If you find it particularly difficult to maintain balance, finding time for self care or even just switching off for a few minutes each day, then working with a coach can help you change this. Book your complimentary Clarity Call HERE to connect with Deb.