Having just returned from holding the very first HER Rejuvenate Retreat. Now sitting in reflection myself, I have realised just how powerful the process of withdrawal is.

My intent for the small group of beautiful women I shared space with was for them to reconnect, rebalance and re-energise. But what came out of those four days and four nights together was even more than that.

We women are incredible when we gather as a likeminded group. Most of these lovely women were tired and just hanging out for a break. But the awareness, clarity and enlightenment they came away with I don’t think any of them expected.

As I delivered awareness sessions to help them balance their energy I was in awe as I watched their fog clear. They surprised themselves with the decisions they made.

When I looked in the Merriam Webster online dictionary, one of the meanings given to the word retreat made sense. It most especially resonated with issues we often face during the midlife transition.

Retreat means, “the process of receding from a position or state attained.”

This obviously relates to retreat from battle, but I can also see how this relates to midlife. And let’s face it, many of us feel like we’re going through a battle as we transition.

Throughout our life we’ve accumulated a plethora of responsibilities through different roles and positions. As we reach midlife, those roles and positions often change. Or they need to change and we cling onto them for one reason or another.

Sometimes those responsibilities far exceed the time we have available. Because of this we end up putting everyone and everything else first and is it any wonder that we lose clarity.

We lose sight of what we want for our own lives, when we desperately need it. During this phase of life it’s essential that we create time and space to explore that, but it can be difficult to fit it in.

Entering retreat we temporarily detach ourselves from those responsibilities and roles. And in this space magic happens.

When we relax we create the perfect environment for clarity

We all know this, because our best ideas come when we’re on holiday! Well, mine do anyway and I certainly witnessed that with the group of ladies I led on retreat.

As we relax, we move out of doing mode and into being mode. This relieves stress and allows energy to start flowing with ease again. When we are in this relaxed state, we are able to tune into our intuition. Whereas in high doing mode, we’re unable to hear that inner guidance.

An organised retreat provides powerful questions and practices to help you get clear

Most of the time when we’re feeling confused, we’re generally not asking ourselves questions that will clear the muddle. Questions like “why am I so confused?” “why do I feel flat” or “I wish I had an idea of what I want” are not going to get you there.

Quality questions and awareness practices bring clarity and retreat provides the perfect environment to find your answers. Plus you’re with a group of likeminded women who instead of judging and pointing out limitations will actually offer support.

And that brings me to the next point.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded women gives mutual support

Finding a group of likeminded women can sometimes be a bit challenging. The friends that we already have could be at a different stage of their journey. And even if they are a similar age, transition happens at different rates for everyone. We might be ready whereas they’re not quite there yet.

Through organised retreat and programs we actually get the opportunity to connect with likeminded women. Sharing an experience like this with them can often lead to close bonds that get even deeper over time.

Your own personal retreat can still have benefits

Whether you take a lone retreat or you join one that is organised, there are still benefits to be gained.

Just by relaxing in a different environment your perspective on life can change. As you move from the doing mind into the space of being, you connect with your higher consciousness. This allows you to move through the confusion to gain the clarity you reach for.

If you would like to know more about how you can join an organised HER Rejuvenate Retreat, you are welcome to book a call with Deb. You can book your call HERE.