Each day I am realizing more and more the importance of being flexible. Not only is it an essential element of achieving outcomes we want. But also in thriving in midlife and well beyond.

Attempting to find a well-priced flight back to Australia from the UK in November, I felt frustrated. I’ve always travelled on a low budget, so I’m pretty good at this. But since the pandemic things have changed. And the strategies that used to work for me, no longer do.

This made me reflect on how this applies to pretty much all aspects of life. Most especially when we hit our 50s and in the years beyond, we find that what we used to do no longer works. And if we want to feel like we’re thriving, then we need to be more flexible in our approach.

With this insight, I no longer felt frustrated about my flight search, and instead felt inspired to write an article.

That’s the difference between thriving and getting stuck.

Thriving in our second half begins with more flexibility in our thinking

One of the principles of NLP is that the person with the most flexibility can control the system. In layman terms this means; by being flexible you have more opportunity to reach your outcomes. But it begins with adjusting the way we think. I guess you can call this a thriving mindset.

In my search for a return flight it means thinking of strategies I’ve never used before. Not getting sucked into lack thinking and instead focusing on how I can generate the best outcome. Knowing that there is always a way.

And it’s the same with any aspect of life, most especially now. Creating better outcomes and experiences begins with a resourceful mindset.

A flexible thought process then feeds into doing different things

Einstein wasn’t joking when he talked about the definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This will just keep us stuck. If we want a different experience, we need to do something we haven’t done before.

Once you embrace a thriving mindset, you will begin to think differently. With a different thought process you will become aware of new possibilities. Then it’s about stepping out of the proverbial comfort zone. Giving new things a go will bring a different outcome and experience. And as you have new experiences you will become aware of even more opportunities. This is the way we continue to evolve.

If we apply this to my flight search, I’ve decided not to put all my eggs in one basket. To keep looking even though I will make a decision to book right now. Continuing to look for better outcomes is my strategy for most things in fact.

Think about where you can apply this flexible mindset and way of living

This applies to all aspects of life.

Possibly you want to have a more connected relationship. Imagine what could come to light by looking at it in a different way. And how that might influence what you do together as a couple. Or how you might develop your own interests to bring more variety into your conversation.

Maybe you’ve put on weight or don’t feel as fit as you used to. Think about the possibilities that might arise when you stop focusing on what you don’t want and instead look for the solutions. Or you stop thinking that it’s “just part of getting old” and refuse to accept the status quo. Imagine what new strategies you open yourself up to discovering.

Perhaps it’s your career you’re not happy with. Instead of making do for another few years until you retire, change the way you’re looking at it. Think about what you might like to do instead. Retirement isn’t the end of everything; it’s a beginning. And you will still need to know what interests you during retirement. You will still want a purpose. Find what interests you now. Imagine the many opportunities that can open up when you put energy into revealing what work will bring more light into your life.

A flexible mindset is an essential strength in our second half

If this is new for you, then it’s simple to develop it. With regular practice you can build this strength just like any muscle.

Thriving is about using this strength. It’s important to look at your situation differently and then do what is revealed to you. Even if it’s out of your comfort zone. You never have to stick with what you have now if you’re not happy. There is always a way to change things for the better.

Working with a good coach who will have your back is one of the best ways to change the way you think and therefore experience the outcomes you want. If you are ready to rediscover yourself and really thrive in this phase of life, you are welcome to Book Your Initial Complimentary Call HERE.