Yes you can; even if you feel like you can’t. Achieving your goals by Christmas might well be within your reach.

It often feels easier at this time of the year to let goals slide and begin the year with a fresh start. But, the problem is this; when we delay something once there is a natural tendency to continue to delay.

Psychology says that unconsciously we feel more comfortable with consistency. And it means that we are more inclined to duplicate our actions or non-actions.

New Years resolutions are a good indication of this. It is reported that up to 50% of New Year goals setters have let things slide by March. And this is regardless of their good intentions at the beginning of the year.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these were the same people who had put things off until the New Year.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for you. Because if you make good progress now, it will help you build momentum gaining you headway for next year. And it will give your unconscious mind a different example of consistency.

I know that as the year draws to a close it can feel like you’re nowhere close to your target. Experiencing this can easily cause you to become deflated and lose motivation. Most especially when there is so much to do as Christmas approaches.

The truth is though with some simple tweaks you can be celebrating at the end of the year, instead of just hoping.

Letting go of the need for all or nothing allows you to achieve goals

Focusing on a goal that is unrealistic for the time frame can cause you to feel like you won’t make it. There’s nothing you can do about the time frame, but there is something you can change.

By letting go of the need to achieve the whole goal, you can set a target that is more realistic. Yes, I get that you wanted to achieve it all, but what if you can get almost there?

Take a look at the goal and adjust it so that it’s achievable by Christmas. That might mean changing the amount or measurement. Or it could be just changing certain details in the goal.

Decluttering your outcomes allows you to direct your energy

It is our energy that allows us to achieve what we want, because this fuels our actions and motivations. If we have too many goals then our energy becomes diluted, because we have too much to focus on. This creates a scattered energy and can feel overwhelming.

Sort through your goals and toss out that which is no longer relevant. It’s okay to change your targets at any time throughout the year. Most especially when they are no longer relevant or realistic.

Writing compelling targets reignites your motivation

This means taking a fresh look at goals set previously and juicing them up a bit. We experience life in colour and with all our five sense. Yet our goal setting can often be a bit bland and like eating cardboard. By adding vibrancy, colour and juice to what we have written it becomes more experiential. And it’s often surprising what and who turns up to support us.

Once you have your goals selected, they are realistic and relevant, make them compelling. Re-write them in the present tense and add sensory detail to them.

Setting goals with even shorter-term deadlines makes them achievable

Yes, there is a time frame shorter than Christmas that is important. By breaking goals down into shorter-term deadlines we support our unconscious mind instead of work against it.

Always remember that our most limiting patterns sit in our unconscious. As we create smaller targets our success becomes more believable for our own mind. This means any limiting beliefs we might have are less likely to trigger. It’s pretty much like getting past the gatekeeper.

Another added bonus is that we get to experience that sense of achievement earlier and regularly. This causes a boost in motivation.

For each goal you have written, break it down into what you will achieve this month. Make it realistic, sensory detailed, give it a date and write it in present tense.

Finally, be your own best friend and achieve your goals by Christmas

It is so easy to stay committed to someone else isn’t it? We often do so much more for our best friend or family.

I think most of us have spent our lives doing that and it can feel unusual to have this same dedication for ourselves. However, it is a form of self-care and we know how important that is if we want to thrive as we age. Stretching ourselves and seeing what we are capable of helps us grow.

By staying devoted to yourself through the personal goals you commitment to, success is well within your reach before the end of the year. Just imagine how that will feel.

Following the tips and suggestions in this article can be very helpful in achieving your goals by Christmas. Working with a good coach can get you to where you want to be much faster. If you would like to see if coaching a good fit for you, Book Your Clarity Call HERE